Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

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Flange mounted bearings, also called flange block bearings, are a combined housing and bearing that provides a ready-to-use product. The bearing housing may have two or four mounting holes predrilled into the casting for simplified installation.Our flange-mount bearing transfers can be used in a traditional ball-up position or as a heavy duty ball caster in the ball-down position, each offering a lower profile and omni-directional movement at a lower price point than competitors – both domestic and international. The protective cover ensures low torque and a lengthy life-span.



Flanged ball bearing units SKF flanged ball bearing units consist of an insert bearing mounted in a housing, which can be bolted to a machine wall or frame. The SKF assortment includes units compliant with ISO standards, North American standards, or Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).



SKF 608 Bearing

65x100x18 15 °
100 18 mm

Sealmaster SFT-23 CXU Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

65x100x18 15 °
100 18 mm

Sealmaster SF-32T DRT Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

35 mm PG210N-
25 mm 2.95 kg

Sealmaster SF-39 CXU Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

7.938 7.35 kN
7.938 mm 12.1 mm

Sealmaster MSF-47 CPJ Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

63,1 mm 28,575
63,1 28,575 mm

Sealmaster MFC-23T HI Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

10x3x4 140000 r/min
0.15 mm 3

Sealmaster MFC-31C CR Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

11,3 kN KBK 15x19x20
15 15,5 kN

Sealmaster SFT-31 DRT Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

64 mm 34,1 mm
98 mm 23,8125

Sealmaster SFT-31TC CR Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

80 mm 158 mm
Single Row 226 mm

Sealmaster EMSF-39 CPJ Flange-Mount Ball Bearing

47,625 114.3x190.5x47.625
114,3 mm 6,6 mm